My Journey

Hi Everyone,

My goal is to provide you with inspiring content that helps you reach Financial Independence & Retire Early (FIRE).  

I discovered the concept of Financial Independence (FI) and soon after began helping others on their journey.

I recommend starting with Calculating Your FIRE Number & following that up with Prioritizing Investments For FIRE.

I’ve worked hard to provide you with the very best resources like my FIRE Calculator, as well as, resources from the leaders in the FIRE community.  I hope this content is motivating, inspirational, entertaining, and educational.  

I also want to motivate those who are currently on the path.  If that’s you, take a look at How a Roth Conversion Ladder can help you gain early access to your 401k.

Lastly, if you are already financially independent, I would love this to be an opportunity for you to share your own story.