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How To Sell Feet Pics Online For Extra Money (Safely)

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Do you enjoy making money from creating content? If you do, an excellent option for you will be selling feet pics. I have done a lot of research on how and where to sell feet pics to help you start your feet pic business.

Feet pics can be sold on any social media website, and websites are created for foot pic content creators. However, feet pic content creators must take care of their feet and learn good photography skills to satisfy clients. There are also several foot poses that foot pic curators should learn.

If you want your feet pics to sell well, you should learn the best techniques and how to utilize the channel you are selling your pics on the best.

Read on to learn about channels, pricing poses, and care to make your feet pic career sore.

Where To Sell Feet Pics


Where To Sell Your Feet Pics

So you want to know how to sell feet pics online? The first thing you need to do is pick a channel.

There are many options on where you can sell your feet pics, and when I say a lot, I mean a lot.



Selling feet pics on Facebook is not uncommon. If you want to sell your feet pics on this social platform, making yourself a business Facebook page is best.

This way, you can track analytics and see who is interested in your services to optimize them better.



To sell pictures of feet on Instagram, you should make a business on an Instagram page. Then, feel free to use Instagram’s different filters to play with your feet’ pics.

It would be best to utilize the hashtags that Instagram has to bring the most traffic to your page.

Some common hashtags feet pics content creators use are:

  • #feet (1.9 million posts)
  • #feetpics (1.5 million posts)
  • #feetlove (1.1 million posts)
  • #feetlover 731k posts)
  • #feetselfie (234k posts)

By utilizing these hashtags, you will be connected with the feet pic community and be able to get more clients.



Tiktok is one of the more popular apps that young people use nowadays. Therefore, if you want a younger clientele, this is an excellent place to branch out in.

Make sure, though, that your clients are over 18.

To make feet TikTok posts, you need to use one of the feet hashtags and then video your feet in exciting situations. This should bring clientele.



Etsy is a trendy place to sell feet pics. However, they do take 20% of earnings.

Take that into consideration before selling your feet pics on Etsy.



Craigslist has lots of forums where people get on to look for services. If you go on Craigslist forums, you might be able to search out people looking for feet pics.

There are also sections on Craigslist that allow users to sell services. For example, you can create a post selling the service of feet pics.



How to sell feet pictures on Instafeet is very easy. Instafeet is created for feet pic content creators. All you have to do is go on the site and create a profile.

Instafeet then goes through a screening process.

You might want to start this process long before you are ready to start selling your feet because users have complained that their screening has gone as long as 2 weeks.

Once you have been verified, you can start uploading your feet pics.

To access your pics, clientele pays for a monthly subscription.

Instafeet takes 10% of your earnings, and your payment will enter your bank account on only the 1st and 15th of the month.



FeetFinder is a great site to keep your identity safe. They use encrypted servers, PCI compliant security, and third-party firewalls to protect your identity.

How to sell foot pics on FeetFinder is very easy. There are two options for your clientele. They can either subscribe to you and pay a monthly fee or pay for your work individually.

Therefore, the best thing to do is create a lot of content for FeetFinder.

With any of these sites, it is crucial to make sure that you advertise in the beginning.

It will be easier once you gain a following, but at the beginning, it is essential to reach out to potential clientele and ask them to check out your work.

Use the hashtags and any traffic-boosting options the platform offers. This will help you in the beginning to get an audience.

How Much to Sell Your Feet Pics For


How Much To Sell Your Feet Pics For

If you have created your account or accounts on which you want to sell feet pics, you are ready for the next step. It is time to decide how much you want to charge for your feet pics.

Never sell your feet short.

You deserve to be paid for your feet pics, so it is important to choose a reasonable price range for your feet. Most people charge between $10 to $100 per pic.

When you start, $10 may be a good price range, but as you get loyal clientele and more experience, you can begin charging higher digits, such as $100.

If you are running a subscription service, you need to be careful not to charge too much.

It would be best to remember that some people cannot afford to pay a lot every month for your feet pics. Therefore, try and charge around $5-$15 a month.

This will help you gain more subscribers, adding up to more money. Remember, you only pay $10 a month for Netflix.

Once you start making good money from your side hustle, you can start investing toward financial independence.


How To Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed

To sell feet pics without getting scammed, you should be careful when accepting payment for your feet pics.

Make sure that you do not take physical gift cards if you are giving your photos in person. This is a very common scam.

What is possible is that your client will not actually fill the gift card with money, and then you will have just given your feet pics away without compensation.

Another scam is that people demand to have your feet pics and then promise to pay afterward. Please do not accept this deal, because often they will take your picture and not pay after.

Another scam is that scammers demand that you pay them a little bit of money first to prove that you are real.

Once you have paid the money and proved that you are real, they are supposed to return it and pay the cost of your feet pics.

Scammers, though, will not repay the money and keep it. Therefore, you will lose money associating with these scammers.


Safest Way To Sell Your Feet Pics

The safest way to sell your feet pics is to demand payment first and use a payment app. Several payment apps will keep your info safe when making a transaction.

A good option is Venmo.

Venmo has a social aspect to it, so it is possible that in your feed, you could have a lot of public transactions to you titled feet pics.

Therefore, if you want some privacy tell your clients not to title the reason for the transaction as feet pics.

Another option is PayPal.

PayPal does charge business owners a fee to have a PayPal account, so it will cost you to have a PayPal account as your means of transferring money.

CashApp is another excellent option. The main issue with CashApp is that they require verification to receive more than 1,000 dollars in 30 days.

Yet, it is a tremendous anonymous cash transfer system once you are verified as a real person.

Feet Care


Feet Care

Now that you have the business aspect all set up now. You know where and how you will gain views on different channels.

You also have a price point and can avoid scammers. Now it is time to prep the product.

If you sell feet pics, it is essential to have well-cared-for feet. Most people do not care what their feet look like. Why should we? We can just put shoes on.

If you are selling feet pics, it is necessary to have very pretty feet.

You should check your feet daily for cuts or sores to treat them immediately with gauze and bandaids.

You should make sure to wash your feet every day as well. Do not soak your feet, though. Soaking your feet causes them to dry out.

Make sure to moisturize your feet daily to keep them soft and smooth.

You can use regular moisturizers for your feet, but ensure you do not put any moisturizer between your toes. This can lead to infections because of a lack of airflow between your toes.

You should avoid wearing tight-fitting shoes.

This can give you blisters that will grow on your feet and will have to heal. It would be best to avoid flip-flops and flats, except for photoshoots.

Flip-flops and flats do not have enough arch support and can cause your arch not to be as prominent.

Avoid wearing high heels outside of work if possible to protect your feet.

Also, make sure that you wear different shoes every day. Wearing the same shoes daily allows bacteria to grow and infect your feet.

When you trim your toenails, trim them flat and then file down the edges. This process prevents ingrown toenails.

To prevent corns or calluses, wear thick socks to protect your skin. In addition, you can rub your calluses with a pumice stone when you shower to help get rid of them.

Use corn pads to relieve pressure if you have corn.

Also, apply salicylic acid to remove corns and callouses, but follow the instructions carefully.

Finally, wearing gel inserts will help prevent corns or calluses.

Investing in a pedicure would be a great idea if you plan on selling pictures of your feet online. Getting a good pedicure will help your feet be their most beautiful self.

If you cannot afford a pedicure, you can always give yourself an at-home pedicure. Make sure you are careful with polish so it is nice and clean and moisturizes your feet well.

Another thing that would be good to invest in is good foot jewelry.

Anklets and toe rings can add some sparkle to your photos.

Another thing you could do is get henna which will add another level of artistry to your feet pic work. If you do henna, make sure it is done very well.

Make sure that someone who knows how to use henna does it.

Feet Pic Poses


Feet Pic Poses

Now that your feet are pretty and healthy, it is time to start the photoshoot. But first, you want to ensure that you have a good camera.

No one wants blurry unbalanced feet pics.

Therefore, ensure you know how to take good photos before taking pictures of your feet.

Several different poses will help you to capitalize on your feet the best.

The bottom of the foot angle is a very common view. The soles of your feet should be the primary focus, and close-ups are usually preferred for this angle.

Another close-up angle is the top-of-the-foot angle. Make sure your toenails are polished or are looking very nice for this angle.

The foot arch angle is a classic pose. This can be taken from the side, top, or bottom of your foot, but make sure that your arch is showing. Flex your foot as hard as you can.

The toe spread is a very pretty pose. You can take it from the top or bottom of your foot. This pose can be friendly with a fun background like grass or sand.

Shoes in heels can be very satisfying for dominatrix-loving customers. You can dangle your shoes off of your toes or wear them normally on your feet. Either way, you should wear those shoes with power for your clientele.

Feet artists claim that the most requested pose from their clientele is a full body shot with your legs crossed and casually bent up into the air while you lie on your stomach.

You can face it, so your face is not towards the camera for privacy. However, if you could care less about privacy, facing the camera is another option your clientele might enjoy.

If you are not scared of having your face on camera, the giantess pose may be excellent. To take this photo, you bring your foot very close to the camera lens, making it look as if you are about to step on it, and then you keep your body looking down at the camera from afar.

Being stepped on by a giant is a common fantasy for people with a foot fetish.

Another fun pose is the dirty foot. You can have sand, dirt, whip cream, whatever your mind can think of on your foot, and then take a picture of it for a bit of excitement.

The candid foot shot is a classic photo. You take pictures in situations where they normally are at. For instance, propped up on a coffee table after a long day’s work.

The toe crunch is a cute photo. As simple as it sounds, you scrunch your toes up, which can be taken in different environments.

Overall there are lots of poses you can choose from.

To add more interest to your photos, you can take them in different locations and backgrounds to add a theme.

If you have any preview photos, I suggest having an overall aesthetical theme to make it more appealing to your clientele’s eyes.

In the end, though, be creative.

There are endless possibilities. Those who go the farthest with their imagination will gain the most clientele and earn the most money.


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