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J Money From Budgets Are Sexy

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J Money from Budgets Are Sexy joins the show to discuss how he became a successful blogger and if it’s still possible today.
J Money has been a model of consistency, blogging for over 12 years now.  He has helped bring together the personal finance community through his personal blogs.
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J Money’s story starts when he went looking for a 2 bedroom apartment to rent in 2007.  He ended up buying a $350,000 house on a whim 48 hours later, with no money down.  After that, he decided to look for a budget online and he came across the blogging world and fell in love with the transparency!

Shortly after, he started his own personal finance blog ( to have fun and be held more accountable.  It unexpectedly took off and started making money with 20,000,000+ views.  He became a full-time, self-employed, blogger after that and has since made over $1,000,000.

J Money has won 12 industry awards, including Blog of The Year and Lifetime Achievement.  He is also consistently featured in the media in places like; Forbes, Inc Magazine, New York Times, LA Times, Kiplinger, Entrepreneur, & Business Insider.


Paying It Forward

J Money has also helped the community by becoming a Blogging Coach & Money Coach.  He’s helped buy or sell over 100 financial blogs, including a dozen of his own.

Next, he launched a year-long philanthropy project raising over $90,000 in cash & goods via micro-donations.

Lastly, he launched Rockstar Finance which is a curation & community platform with over 5,000,000 views.  It was dubbed a “go-to website for money advice”.  This is just one more of many accomplishments J Money has achieved in the personal finance space.  


J Money Today

He decided to sell Rockstar Finance for low-range six figures (Details can’t be disclosed) to free up more room for FAMILY time.  He also sold Budgets Are Sexy for medium-range six figures to free up more room in LIFE.

His current projects include one in which he is collaborating with The Motley Fool.  


We Discuss

  • J Money Money Story
  • Starting A Blog In 2020
  • Importance Of Tracking Your Net Worth


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J Money From Budgets Are Sexy Joins The Inspire To FIRE Podcast

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