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The Corporate Path To FI & Minimalism With Friends On FIRE

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Mike & Maggie from Friends On FIRE joins the show to discuss the pros and cons of the corporate career path.

We also discuss different strategies to fight lifestyle inflation & Maggie’s passion for minimalism.

Friends On FIRE Episode



Mike works in corporate finance for a large global company.  He spends his days doing magical things in excel, attending meetings, and telling people they can’t have more money.

Mike is originally from St. Louis.  He’s been living in Atlanta, GA for 10 years now.

Mike’s lifelong passion is personal finance.  He used to work in television and still loves videography, although his projects these days are epic travel videos of his kids.  He loves to travel, do DIY projects, and build model airplanes.

Mike has been on the FIRE journey since he was a teenager; his parents retired early and that’s always been in his blood.  When he’s stressed at work, he fantasizes about leaving it all behind and homesteading in Alaska.

Mike is also the author of the book Your New Relationship with Money: Mastering Money, Growing Wealth, and Finding Freedom in a Culture Trying to Make You Broke.



She works for the same large global company in digital marketing, and that’s where she met Mike.  Maggie was born and raised in Atlanta, GA, and still lives there with her husband and 3 amazing daughters.

Maggie is obsessed with all things minimalism, simple living, and productivity.  She’s passionate about Buddhism, meditation, the environment, eating plant-based, the outdoors, running, and lots of other things.

She loves to read, listen to books, and listen to podcasts.  One day at work Mike and Maggie realized they shared a passion for personal finance and FIRE (financial independence retire early), and before too long they decided they should create a podcast.

Maggie’s ultimate desire in life is to raise happy productive kids and live in a tiny house (after those happy productive kids move out).

Maggie recently started a passion project Mostly Minimal Life, which is a blog and coaching business focused on finding happiness through living a more minimal life.


We Discuss

  • How To Benefit From Corporate America In Pursuit Of FI
  • Fighting Lifestyle Creep
  • Minimalism



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